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PAPITASHVILI  Alexander, b. October 20,1949,  Orjonikidze (former USSR)

 MD, PhD


Graduate, OB/GYN, Tbilisi State Medical University,Georgia, 1972

MD, Tbilisi State Medical University,Georgia, 1974

PhD, USSR Health Care Ministry the Moscow Central Research-Scientific Institute of Obstetrics&Gynecology,1976;


Associate Professor, Tbilisi State Medical University, 1990;

Professor, Tbilisi Medical College VITA, 1994- 2015;

Professor, Tbilisi Medical University GEOMEDI, from 2016.


158 scientific publication in the field of human reproduction and genetics, obstetrics and gynecology, prenatal and perinatal medicine, ultrasound in medicine, medical demography, mathematical modeling and expert systems in medicine.

Inventor of State Certified method of sonohysterosalpingography, owner of Copyright Inventor Certificate, 1983.  

Named method has been offered by the authorin clinical practice since 1979 for the first time in the world.

 Grounder and Pioneer of Ultrasound Examination in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the former USSR and Georgia, since 1976;


Winner, Ukrainian Davidenkov Medical Prize,1997;

Listed in the 2003/2004 edition of Contemporary WHO’S WHO issued by American Biographical Institute;

Listed and signed by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England


Medal of Honour, Ian Donald International Interuniversity School of Ultrasound,2011;

Honorary Member, Belarusien Scientific Society of Radiology,2012;

HonoraryDoctor  of  Science, Armenian Republic Ministry of Health S/R Centre of Maternal and Infant Healthcare,2015

Honorary Professor, Ukrainian Kharkov State Medical University,2017


President, Georgian Association of Scientists and Specialists, Department of  Medicine,since 1997;

President and Founder, Georgian Fetal Medicine Foundation(G-FMF), since 2009;

General Secretary and Founder, Georgian Association of  Prenatal Medicine and Perinatology, since 1997;

Director, Ian Donald International Interuniversity School, Branch in Georgia, since 2005;  

Board Member , World Association of  Perinatal Medicine,2007-2014;

Representative of  Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound in Obstetrics&Gynecology and Genetics in Georgia, since 1997; 

General Member, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, since 1998;

Founder, Organizer and Coordinator of  seventy(70) Local Annual 

and International Meetings on Medicine in Georgia between  1997-2016;

     Participant and speaker more than 100 World, European and International Congresses,till 2016; 

Member of Advisory Board of 10 International  and Georgian Scientific Journal on Medicine,till 2015;

President, 47th International(World) Congress on Pathophysiology of Pregnancy,2015;

President ,International Society for Study the Pathophysiology of Pregnancy,since 2014.


Address: 16a, Irakli Abashidze str, 

                Tbilisi 0179, GEORGIA


phone: +995 599 554351                                     E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it               

  fax:      +995 32 2223669                                            



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