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Our history

In early 1988, the Georgian Government-Cabinet of Ministers, registered the Association of Scientists and Specialists of Georgia. Since 1988, the International School-Conference of Physicians "Clinical and Experimental Medicine", founded by the Department of  Medicine of the Association of Scientists and Specialists of Georgia, has been starting.

The Association of Scientists and Specialists of Georgia was established as an independent Association of leading scientists and professional specialists of Georgia, which operated (and now operates) on the basisof its Constitution.

The Association retained the best traditions of the Republican Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Georgia, established in 1971 at that time by the existing government of Georgia, and in the new conditions continued the effective organizational activities, necessary for the country's development.

Among all Departments of the Association, a special place is occupied by the Department of Medicine, which  through its fruitful activity for the last 20 years, has gained special authority and popularity among medical specialists in Georgia (and not only Georgia), as practically the only organizer of multidisciplinary regular international medical and biological school – conferences, also the other events.

The designated school conferences are held regularly from 1997 to the present day twice a year.

Until 2018, they were organized in the number of 42 and they received the highest rating.

Constantly in each school-conference participated from 300 to 1200 doctors.

Until 2018, more than 2,000 scientists and specialists from the leading medical and scientific centers of Georgia and 30 countries of the world delivered reports and lectures to the participants.

Among them were famous and distinguished scientists - physicians:

Asim Kuryak (Croatia), Sabaratanam Arulkumaran (Great Britain), Alex Vidaev (USA), Wolfgang Holzgreve (Germany), Ivica Zalud (USA), Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy), Ernst Theodor Rippmann (Switzerland), Aristides Antsaklis (Greece), Giovanni Mooni (Italy), Gihat Sen (Turkey), Helen  Grechanina (Ukraine), Erik Dubrov (Russia), Sanjay Gupte (India), Irina Ozerskaya (Russia), Nikolay Veropotvelyan (Ukraine), Anton Mikhailov (Russia), Kamil Yusupov (Russia), Grzegor Breborovicz (Poland), Hein Odendaal (South Africa) and many others.

Almost all of them continue to cooperate with us to this day, and this cooperation is deepening and developing from year to year.

Today, our traditional school-conference is a broad educational  healthcare center working at the highest international standards, whose activities are aimed at improving the skills and professional level of practicing doctors.

At the Conference, practitioners and researchers get acquainted with the latest achievements and technologies in medicine, share experience in diagnosis and treatment, properties and benefits of different medications. Pharmaceutical companies of Georgia and foreign countries systematically participate in events placing their stands, hold their own presentations, symposiums and seminars.

In addition to raising the professional level of doctors and scientists, as one of the main objectives, one of the aims of our conferences is also the popularization of art among medical professionals, for which after scientific sessions creative meetings  of artists, presentations of new books, evenings of famous artists and musicians, classical music concerts are held.

For us it is especially pleasant that very often the main heroes of these evenings are the doctors themselves - participants of our conferences.

It should be noted that the organizing committee is always trying to hold conferences at affordable prices.


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